Treacherous Happiness

I know a lot of godless but sorta-kinda-spiritual people who are very happy with their lives. Many of them, especially those in my neck of the woods (the South), even consider themselves “blessed and highly favored.” These people do not seek God, cherish Christ, or walk in the faith and obedience of the gospel. Their present manner of living looks nothing like the new life that the Spirit gives. But regardless of their lack of interest in the true God, and despite how cheerfully they indulge in the evils he despises, they sincerely believe their happiness of heart is indicative of his loving pleasure toward them.

The Bible diagnoses things a bit differently. In his letter to the Christians in Rome, Paul explained that happy contentment in sin is not an indicator of God’s pleasure or favor, but of his wrath.

Many people think of God’s wrath only in hellfire and brimstone terms. One day, this terrifying manifestation of God’s indignation will be the unending experiential reality of all whose names are not written in the Book of Life (Revelation 20:15). But on this side of the Judgment, the way God most often demonstrates his wrath is by giving people over to all their sinful, soul-destroying delights.

Notice the progression of Paul’s argument in Romans 1:

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth . . . although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened . . .

Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves . . .

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions . . .

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.” – Romans 1: 18, 21, 24, 26, 28

Is your conscience unbothered while you revel in activities that the Bible declares impure? If so, it’s because God, in his wrath, has given you over to impurity. Do you, without a twinge of conviction, delight in pursuing and satisfying unnatural desires? If you do, it’s because God, in his wrath, has given you over to dishonorable passions. Is your life filled with things the Scriptures say ought not to be done? Are you untroubled by this? If so, it’s because God, in his wrath, has given you over to a debased mind.

Hear me, though—this does not have to be the end of your story! Though God’s wrath rests upon you while you remain in unbelief and rebellion (John 3:18), he also extends a merciful hand of salvation toward you. Anyone who will turn from the treacherous happiness they find in their sin and take shelter in the grace of Jesus Christ, God will freely pardon and give a new heart—a heart that desires to pursue the holy happiness in God for which we were all made!

If today you find yourself feeling happy or even “blessed” in an unrepentant way of life, my prayer for you is that God would: 1) graciously trouble your sin-treasuring heart and 2) draw you to his sinner-saving Son. The joy Jesus gives is so much better than the cheap, fleeting, and deceptive happiness sin gives. Only when you know him will you really understand what it means to be blessed.

  • Charles

    Matt, a BIG AMEN to your article. I am so grateful and so thankful to the Lord for the conviction he brings into my heart, mind and soul every time I get tempted with sin, same sex attraction or be it any sin. This wonderful conviction which should be treasured by all believers, keeps us seeking and asking the Lord’s forgiveness, and asking for His strength to keep walking the narrow path He has set before us. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter and will empower and guide us as we seek to be more like Jesus!

  • Lyle Nelson

    I think that all too often we use how we are doing in life, according to the measuring stick of the world around us, as an indicator of God’s view of us, rather than His written Word. if we have all we need and then some, a good marriage, children that aren’t causing any problems, and all the “toys” we want, well then God must think pretty highly of us, or we wouldn’t have all this. Never once do we dig deeply enough into His Word to see that this NOT how He measures us. To quote Matthew 5:45, “For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” It is too easy to confuse His blessings with His approval.

    Sometimes it is only when we have problems in life and things begin to fall apart, that we take the time to really examine God’s Word against our lives and note the differences in what He requires and how we have lived. And problems do NOT necessarily mean that anything is wrong, For God’s people have, and indeed are promised that they will have, problems in this life as well. But God in His mercy may use problems only to get our attention and cause us to do the self-examination of our lives that we should have been doing all along.

    We often don’t view problems as a blessing, even though they may be the tools God uses to save us.

  • I was not happy at all in the gay life. It is painted as some grand party. and all about love. It isn’t. Still. God gave me what I wanted, and all I got was ten minutes of pleasure along with two days of guilt. I finally became celibate almost thirteen years ago (late September 2004). It is not an easy slog, but it has made me closer to Him, as I have to rely on Him daily to override my passions for the same sex. The LGBT community spouts off that one is born this way. I view this as fatalistic, that a person has to live this way and has no choice in the matter. This is crap. I choose to be celibate and not give in to my passions, and so because of my homosexuality and desire for God, I am closer to Him.

    • Regan DuCasse

      In all the time we’ve exchanged comments, you’ve been a lot less civil to me, than the other way around. I left this sitefor a while, until a comment you posted came into my feed.
      I’ll say this to you.
      It’s clear, that you’re conflating sexual orientation, with weakness.
      Weakness is something that is in individuals, NOT an entire category of people.
      It’s a fact, that minorities in particular, who have endured specific libel of their identity, are diverse…and biology does not protect a person from systemic prejudice and threat.
      The gay person is specifically singled out for this, because the characteristics are more distinct.
      Continue to say it’s the entire of a group, rather than individuals who are the problem, that is what foments bigotry and the results of bigotry have always been the problem.
      I’d be happy for your walk with God and Christ, except what you use them for.
      Being celibate, not giving into passions, not having a romantic life: that’s actually quite easy.
      Except perhaps for that individual who is obsessed with sex, and is detached from emotional bonding with it.
      But again, that’s individuals, heterosexual or homosexual. It’s not the sexual orientation that’s the issue.
      ONLY gay people are supposed to blame THEIRS.
      I wouldn’t let you near a gay young person with the attendant vulnerability, and insecurity that comes with being a teen. But certainly with being gay.
      There isn’t a credible psychiatrist, doctor or sociologist that agrees with you. Because the facts, stats and evidence is in.
      Best of luck with what you do as an individual and the path you’ve chosen.
      I’m guessing considering your statement, you should be quite content to stay away from gay people and should, from gay young people in particular.
      So do so.
      For all concerned, the gay community would be much better off without you.

      • Proverbs 26:1-12

        • Regan DuCasse

          It’s not just my opinion, about this.
          And you’re not engaging the sociological/historical factor about issuing blanket negative character statements about an entire group.
          When it’s YOUR group, there is a psychology there that isn’t healthy.
          And as I said, every credible doctor, psychiatrist and sociologist backs that up.
          Throwing a Biblical reference at a person of science, doesn’t make sense.
          The folks who wrote those books 2,000 ago, didn’t have the credentials, nor reference points most people do now.
          Again, you’re using material….not a real connection to speak for you.
          And material, that’s been used to do as much harm as good.
          Which is why a person would be right to suspect in which way YOU are, or any OTHER Christian.
          Results matter, and you insist the results for your personal experience should speak for themselves.
          if it did, there would BE no arguments or challenge.
          Nobody does that for fun, but out of the clear necessity of recognizing when it’s used for prejudice, and used for PERSONAL enlightenment.
          Own that much at least.

          • Have a nice life Regan. Go to your marches against the President. Wave the rainbow flag around. Ignore ISIS throwing gays off buildings. Just try not to step on the dead who were sacrificed on the alter of ‘born that way’.

          • Regan DuCasse

            Misjudging as usual. I haven’t been to a march against the President. Haven’t even been to a Pride event in YEARS.
            What a sick retort coming from you that ISIS throws gay people off buildings.
            That’s right, and Russians beat, arrest and jail gay people in that country.
            Because THEY believe the same as YOU do about gay people.
            That they are sexually wonton, are a threat or useless to society because of it.

            YOU believe that, as do all those cultures that would just as soon see gay people dead.
            But you think they already ARE dead, if they don’t lock step the way you believe they should.
            So since your beliefs square with that of ruthless, brutal countries and what they think of gay people (as did the people who wrote and were of Biblical cultures), how is it MY fault that gay people have problems?

            And clearly, you can go about YOUR life without having to take the risks and the weight of it.
            Thanks to those of us, that have protected and served (including gay men and women peace officers who served in the military at one time in their lives).

            So your retort was stupid and meant to insult me and gay people who obviously and clearly can function better than you ever could. And with their living by example, more gay youngsters would be at far less risk, than you using the Biblical closet that’s already been tried and failed for so many.
            Not a matter of opinion or theory, but a well known fact.
            Sadly, if you didn’t have any good gay examples in your life, that’s not gay folk’s fault either. I’ve found plenty of them.
            You have to BE who you want to attract sometimes.
            And since you’re not an example yourself, then that’s just how your life played out.
            But all you harp on are stereotypes. And you can’t engage the conversation on the danger of fomenting prejudice based on stereotypes, means.
            ISIS kills all kinds of people.
            Friends of my roommate who performed with Ariana Grande in Manchester, called us to assure us they were alright.
            But the bombing there, got them shook bad.
            This is the fourth time we’ve all had to check in with each other because of terror attacks in Europe.
            You just use your beliefs as a license to misjudge.
            I HAVE a nice life.
            I’m committed to doing more when it comes to law enforcement and protecting ALL people and using my skill as a forensic artist in the same endeavor.
            You just keep on thinking that being born gay isn’t a legitimate and biological function of sexual orientation. And that it’s negative, undesirable and causes dysfunction.
            As you like to say, you’re entitled to your opinion.
            And that’s ALL it is on your part. Not fact, not evidence.
            Yes, you can just keep on thinking that, and saying it and using it.
            But don’t for a minute think that history or results are on your side.
            If they were, you wouldn’t have to engage in the hard sell. Nor insult people for no good reason when another frame of truth confronts you.

          • george

            Yes.often it is because of ex gays words toward lgbt people, that bigoted politicians and religious leaders use to kill beat or make this lifelife hell for. lgbt people. Especially when ex gays say that orientation is a choice and they chose it.
            It is a persons choice to be celibate, never have sex…and it is a great decision..but
            Generalisation is a bad thing indeed.

          • Regan DuCasse

            Thank you, George. Acknowledging that is important. I mentor or have, at risk teens. It’s something I take after my father doing.
            He was a juvenile probation officer. And I’m very much like him, disciplinarian and very central with non partisan, non sectarian moral lessons.
            These are easier for kids to understand, and for serious adults to set an example by.
            The youngsters that my father influenced, did well.
            The same, I’m happy to say, is true of the youngsters my life was blessed with.
            The trending now, is that computers, cyberspace and cell phones as set up another level of human disconnection, and has opened a door to incivility, bullying and detachment that’s put teens at a higher risk of suicide.
            It’s not always because they are gay, but because they are at a vulnerable, questioning and perhaps even very difficult time in their lives.
            Over a lifetime, I’ve seen how religious communities tell people it’s (their belief system) a panacea for their troubles.
            And God and Christ is the ONLY path.
            Even the clinically mentally ill.
            Which has been a dangerous thing to do that no medical or psych professional would ever endorse.
            Being sexually active, would be a difficult thing for a very young person to navigate, regardless their orientation, or gender.
            But it’s especially harder for girls, and for gay kids in particular.
            The religious have a responsibility to accept the social, medical, and other forms of progress that’s improved human life, without religious interference.
            It’s usually religious communities that are the last holdouts for this progress, even when the proof is right in front of them.
            For example, Christian Scientists who refuse medical intervention for treatable, or curable illness.
            As you know, CS parents can be prosecuted for doing so with their children, and can’t claim ‘religious persecution’ when that happens.
            Same for those that demand to maintain their beliefs about gay people. Regardless how damaging those beliefs have been, still want to bogard all over gay lives and then call it something else.
            Hence you have vendors, and others that serve the public, trying to refuse serving gay people for that reason.
            When it’s literally life and death, that is, when it comes to delineating and addressing mental illness factors, or pharmaceutical needs, we can’t have a religious pharmacist deciding that a gay person is better off with prayer, than their prescriptions for depression.
            Celibacy is an avenue of eschewing what can also be difficult for a lot of people.
            Being sexually active, requires a level of trust, most people haven’t earned.
            And often betray.
            This is true, whether you’re gay or not.
            Male or female. The expectations are different. Males respond differently than females.
            I cannot and will not stand people blaming being gay for their shortcomings, any more than I’d allow heterosexuals blaming gay people just because their orientation is distinctly different.
            Just as anyone here wouldn’t accept the belief that blacks are morally inferior, so therefore are worthy of being segregated.
            But millions have believed that, and still do.
            And look where that’s gotten us.

            Not factoring in the social system of injustice that made it hard for suspect minorities to have the same opportunity and social networks that optimize health and well being to begin with.
            It’s another reason why blacks became SO dependent on the church (the barely acceptable place where THEY could freely congregate).
            So if the church wants to engage gay people too, it’s not surprising WHY.
            But it’s not for the most healthy reason.
            Being behind the anonymity of a computer monitor, never to likely ever be face to face, this site, these comment arenas, leave a lot open to being nasty, to not engaging the conversation where it needs to be.
            I’ve recently gotten to know an ex ex gay well. At least also, over FB. He’s found his levels as a gay man. And struggled romantically (well, don’t we all sometimes?), but professionally, he’s a sensation and we’ve developed a very nice relationship that we’ve taken beyond the computer.

            For a long time, I found ex gays to be very rote, and without distinction. I have always been reminded of the Seuss story about that kind of conformity “The Star Bellied Sneeches”.
            When people are all saying the same things, doing the same things, with little that distinguishes one from the other, I wondered if anyone in that category had anything but the most boring, beige lives on the planet.
            When a person ONLY communicates through Bible verses, and has NOTHING else to say but about the Bible and how in love they are with walking with God and Christ, that also deserves skepticism.
            It’s like being around a teenager, that’s ONLY looking at their cell phone, and not attending to the people in their presence.
            Same kind of frustration.
            And no reason to be impressed in the least.

            It’s a long post, I know. But real conversations aren’t in 140 characters either.

          • george

            Thank you very much for the post. As a person who grew up in a church and struggled with SSA in silence, because knew what church leaders and members thought about SSA, youth meters to me very much.
            I don’t want any young person to go through the hell I went through, being alone, knowing if they knew my struggle, they would hate me.
            Constant fear demaged my health. Now I am out of church and feel Munich better. Plus age matters. Even though I don’t consider myself as gay identified. I feel as same sex attracted.
            Fanaticism destroys lives of young and old. Unfortunately prayers mostly not help mentally I’ll people and prayers don’t change orientation.

          • Regan DuCasse

            Thanks so much George. Best to you! xo

        • Regan DuCasse
  • george

    According romanss 1 little boys and girls who were born in churches, who know from very early age that they are gays, are those who rejected God, who did nor try to know more about God and who worshipped idols. And it is wrong!
    There are many atheists and idolworshippers who rejected God but are heterosexuals.
    According to romans most of the world population would have been lgbt.

    • Andrew Marsh

      Hi George. I’m struggling to see where what you’re saying ties in with Romans 1. Please would you enlarge on what you’ve written? Thank you. Andrew

      • george

        Hi Andrew

        For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth . . . although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened . . .

        Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves . . .

        For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions . . .
        And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.” – Romans 1: 18, 21, 24, 26, 28

        1. My friends and I grew up ( and many other christians) in church since our childhood. Praying and fasting ministrying the lord. We knew we were same sex attracted from very childhood.we honored him, loved him and worshiped him, but he never heard our prayer to take our attractions away.

        2. We never worshipped a creatures instead of the creator, but we are SSA since our childhood.

        There are ex Christians who abandoned god but are still heterosexuals.
        There are many people who worship creatures instead of the creator, but are not given to same sex attractions..they are still heterosexuals.

        Do you see my point?

        • Andrew Marsh

          I do indeed see your point and fully understand your whole comments. I too am SSA and celibate. I also like ladies but, having had two failed marriages, and having no direction from the Lord, feel celibacy is the best for me. I have wondered if my marriages were subconsciously my attempts to cover up my SSA from people around me. Don’t get me wrong here, I enjoyed being married but I think I enjoyed the company as much as anything else. In my day, if you weren’t married by your mid twenties, people wondered about yiou. Hmmm. Now, I am 66 and feel sometimes but not often, very alone. But I don’t want a human relationship just for the sake of it. If God performed a miracle and made me 100% hetero, then great. But, as I am, single, that too is great cos I feel it’s God’s best for me now. Now, I need someone to open my eyes, so to say. Without asking for a huge backlash from the LGBT community, I have felt for many years that they make the Word fit their lifestyle and it’s never sat right with me. I know they major on the word “abomination” from Leviticus, Deuteronomy, I can’t recall, and then talk about garments of mixed fibres etc as also being abominations but Paul, in Romans 1 can’t be any clearer. He clearly says it’s wrong, unnatural, that God gives homosexuals over to their own desires (I’ve used the word “homosexuals” though I know it’s not in the original manuscripts). Homosexuality is clearly as sin, in the same way that a predilection to break into houses, steal cars – this shalt not sin – do drugs – keep your bodies as temples if the Holy Spirit – sell drugs – don’t cause another to sin – are all wrong and sin and not the best that God can offer. Can anyone explain to me, please, the reason that the gay community doesn’t see Romans 1 as clear speech from the Lord that homosexuality is sinful? I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate here but I genuinely, genuinely want to understand the thinking behind the trend that it’s ok to be a Christian and gay at the same time. Thank you in advance for any enlightenment you can offer.

          • george

            I am not from usa or European country. You don’t know how terrible it is just to be SSA. No matter celibate or not. You are persecuted, despised from both Christians and non Christians.
            I consider myself SSA. Though my only relationship was with women. But I have norlmantic attraction to them, though I love sexual relation tip with them. But when a person is 100% homosexual things are different. Often their mannerisms betray them and their lives become hell in countries like mine. And this is why most of them leave the countries.
            And yes, lgbt people have reason to fight. They have to fight. Because these people were always second class, targets of discrimination. They were killed and beaten.
            God never answered their prayers.
            I am younger than you but I M lonely and seems I die alone. Hard to understand gods love here.
            Yes I believe Paul is writing some nonsense in romans. Again, if people become gays because they worship idols or rejecting God, then why real devoted , church born Christians are born SSA? Don’t tell me that SSA is different then homosexual.

          • Patrick Cassidy

            Being SSA isn’t different than having other sinful natures. You’re not an atheist just because you are SSA. An atheist is somebody who doesn’t believe in God. Even demons recognize Jesus’ lordship and we’re present in Temple when He preached.

            But, despite the world trying to show LGBT as a lifestyle, we view it as a sin. If somebody were a kleptomaniac, would, does it mean that they can’t be held accountable for their actions? Of course not. But, it doesn’t mean that they hate the law, it’s just their sinful nature drives them to act in contrary to the law.

            God has worked in other nations besides Israel in order to drive a point even if they don’t believe in Him (Babylon Exile). But, despite how God may use the worldx He is in total control. He’s not calling the perfect to do His will, but the imperfect so that they cannot boast in themselves. Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Peter, Paul and even newer saints (Augustine who struggled greatly with sin) were all called in their imperfect states but we’re made worthy through God.

            So, while ypu may live in an area that is hostile to LGBT, and it is good to remember that God calls the imperfect to do His will. I struggled with porn and masturbation for years, but have been good for over a year (I am 28 years old). You may struggle with your temptations, but you aren’t alone. Humans will be tempted to sin, but it is through the strength of the Holy Spirit that we resist and persevere.

            Good bless and good luck!

          • george

            Hey my friend, you have no clue what same sex attraction is. Most of you think it is only same gender people having sex. It is not!
            And it is very simple to compare different orientation with some criminal traits.
            And, same sex attracted people too have addictions to porn and masturbation.they too are thieves, criminals.
            Orientation doesn’t make you bad or good person. There are good and bad hetero and homo people.
            You must be SSA and live in other countries, and only then you will know what it feels like.
            Being a child , struggling quietly, knowing you were called abomination, from church, from neighbours, from family members… When a boy likes girl it is good. Parents, friends support and encourage him. But when you are ssa and you hit puberty…and suddenly you start loving your gender…you dont want oppose the feeling…but …and you hid, you pray, ..years, years…days and nights…you are afraid, because if they know it, you are done! They will hate you…and you start playing you like girls…but …it doesnt work…And when you are mentally and emotionally damaged adult life turns to hell…you are blessed you will never know how these feel.

            No pity needed here.
            Just know that there is love. And you compare two same gender people love with murder, theft and other criminal issues. Sorry you are very wrong and I understand. It is hard to feel the pain unless u experience it.

            God bless.

          • Hi George! I don’t pretend to understand what it is like to have SSA in other countries. Here in west Texas it is highly frowned upon. I first found out I had SSA when I was in the shower at summer camp. I got an erection in front of all the people I knew. I was mocked and ridiculed, and labeled a ‘faggot’. I didn’t even know what that word meant (I was eleven). There is a lot of pressure here to be straight, and I did a lot pretending, acting like I was. I went celibate about thirteen years ago, more out of self preservation than belief in God. It was very hard and almost fell a few times. I nearly died a few years ago and had my memory totally erased. I only realized that I was gay due to my internet browsing history, and that I had an addiction to gay porn. To say that I was angry with God was an understatement. Why would He show me so much mercy, when I obviously didn’t deserve it? Still though, I continued my celibacy, this time through the Lord, and He has made it easier. He has also helped me with my addictions, for which I am grateful.
            It is very easy to judge others for what happened to me. I look in the mirror everyday and still hear all those boys calling me ‘faggot’, and then the enemy brings up all my junk and throws this Bible scripture at me: “Judge not, lest you be judged.” (Matthew 7:1) It is the Holy Spirit that reminds me that this scripture is written for me, and no one else. Take care friend!

          • george

            Being SSA is difficult in every country. But there are countries where being SSA is a life death issue.

          • Andrew Marsh

            George, I really feel your pain and distress and empathise with you. I don’t know what else to say really. Just going back to your message, are you saying Paul is talking nonsense in Romans 1?

          • george

            Yes, if he means people choose to be SSA, or people become SSA because they worship idols, or leave the faith.

          • Andrew Marsh

            Doesn’t it mean, rather, that if you’re born SSA or homosexual, and become a Christian, that you then live a celibate life, because you know that same gender sex is wrong, because 1) it’s not within marriage and 2) because Paul condemns it, for two reasons that come to mind now. You’ve also got the Old Testament verses too but people, who don’t want to believe the OT teachings, then argue, for example, about cloths of mixed fibres being an abomination also, plus others that are called abominations.

          • george

            No sir. Tell straight men to live without sex. Tell straight teen boys not to love girls. It is natural.
            Are you married? If god wanted SSA people to be celibate, he would take their desire from them.
            Do you remember what Paul is writing to corinthians? If man is burning let him get wife. You see burning is very natural thing for the most people.
            Now, SSA people burn too. So what are their options? To get burnt? Die lonely, in depression?
            Those pretty words , Christians often say about homosexuals- we love you, come to church, Jesus will heal in reality nobody gets heals from same sexattraction and in real life, Christians look at SSA people as lepers and outcast.
            And ..everyone does their own business. Especially when SSA people get older…
            So it is their business will they love some one of their gender ..will! They have sex…
            Remember- SSA people are people too. They want to love and hug and sex, as you and anyone else.

          • Andrew Marsh

            I decided to live a celibate life even though I miss the contact of another human being. I believe that sex is God’s way of continuing the human race and I don’t believe in sex outside of marriage. And the Bible doesn’t talk about marriage between people of the same gender plus those unions cannot produce biological children. And I am SSA. I would like to be married again but how can I marry again when I know that I am attracted to males. I don’t do anything about that desire because it would dishonour the Lord. It would be unfair to expect a wife to live with me and her knowing that I have this bent. So, I am SSA. I don’t get into male relationships. I don’t have sexual relationship, not even with myself. So, I have given that side of my nature to the Lord and I believe that that is the way of the Cross for me. Make of that what you will. It’s not an impossible path to follow and my trust is in God. Bye bye for now.

          • george

            You are SSA. So we are in the same boat.
            Seems you had wife. I never had. And I agree, if you are not attracted to the woman you want to marry, it is better to not.
            Seems you are not teenager , and the experience you had is strange to a young man who was never married and just starts realising he is attracted to his gender. His body just starts producing hormone that are impossible to stop.
            Yes son people can control their sex drives, but some can’t stop their burnings, especially younger ones.
            So let others live their lives. You have lived yours. Everyones path is unique.
            You can’t stop loving a person.
            And as I see most SSA people who try to not have sex or be celibate are over 30.

            So…yes life is hard for everyone , but ssa people have special burden indeed…and often I wonder why is God not answering.
            Bye for now.

          • Andrew Marsh

            Thank you, George. I appreciate your kindness. And your genuine words. Keep in touch. I’m off to bed for my afternoon nap!!

          • george

            Oh I see our time zones are differentdifferent. We have day,when u have night.

          • Andrew Marsh

            I’m near London

    • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

      This is a WHOLE bunch of assumption! Consider this:

      • george

        What is Whole bunch of assumptions? The article you have linked?

        • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

          If if was not clear, I was responding to your assessment of Romans 1. I do not know how you came up with your assumptions, but they are doozies.

          • george

            How I came up? I am SSA men, growing up in church as a christian since I was 12. I am SSA as I remembered , since 3 or 4. I have never rejected God, never worshiped idols…I am speaking from my own experiences. And may be you are the one who’s ideas are assumptions.
            Do you see now where my assumptions come from?

  • glynnis bugati

    This may be the stupidest thing you have ever written. That’s quite an achievement!

    You mostly just recycle the same drivel over and over again, so congratulations,

    There is no God, there is no “plan”. Enjoy yourself. This is all there is.

    • Andrew Marsh

      Hi Glynis. We’re you replying to anyone in particular please?

    • Hi Glynnis! It is difficult in these times to have a belief in God. I know. But He does exist! I suppose I could give you many examples, which you would refute with them being of the natural. I won’t bore you with all that, because you won’t accept them as proof of God anyway. I will however give you an example of His proof, one in which I wasn’t asking.

      On September 24, 1984, my best friend, Jonathan David Wells committed suicide. I lost all hope and became suicidal. A large part of why I went into the gay lifestyle was that I was seeking my lost friendship with him. I loved him.

      On the same day in 2012, I had a massive brain injury, and my mind was totally erased. I got the memory of him back in December of 2015, in a series of intense flashbacks. These flashbacks would reoccur every few days, and it was like reliving his death all over again. On February 3, 2016, I had an intense one. I looked at his picture for a while as it eased the flashbacks. I then Google his name on a whim, not expecting anything. Instead, I found a picture of his grave and where it was located. I was stunned, as I had never seen it, nor had gone to his funeral as I was too upset at the time. For the first time in my life I heard the voice of God’s Holy Spirit, urging me to go.

      I went on Saturday, February 6. I found the grave easily, and must have spent an hour weeping over it. As I was about to leave. the Holy Spirit came over me and told me that he had a brother and his name was Steve. I thought I was insane. How could I know this? I Googled the name of Steve Wells and got the name of a pastor in Houston. I didn’t think that could be right and wrestled with this all weekend. That Monday, I left a message on the church website for this Steve, that only he could recognize if he was indeed David’s brother.

      An hour later, I got a call from that church. It was from that Steve, and yes, David was his brother. He gave me a bit of scripture from the book of Matthew that helps him get through the day: “…God is not god of the dead, but of the living.” (22:32) It undid the damage that my stepmother had done to me when she told me that David was burning in hell for killing himself.

      I realized for the first time that I was still in mourning and had never allowed myself to grieve, because I was afraid that would make me gay. I started grieving as I should have done in 1984. On September 24, 2016 I went to his grave with two roses to put on there; one for me and one for him. When I got there, there was a single white lily on the grave. The Holy Spirit told me that it was for me and to take it, so I did.

      The next day, it disappeared. The Holy Spirit told me that I had to let him go because he was gone. Two weeks ago I asked God how long I should grieve. His Holy Spirit told me that King David grieved Jonathan the rest of his life; and that I should take my time and that it would lessen as it did with King David. He also reassured me that David is alive, but sleeping, awaiting resurrection.

      Getting saved is easy. “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” (Romans 10:9) Developing a relationship with Him can be difficult. I didn’t like Him, but he didn’t require me to; just to believe. I had many things going against me: abuse, neglect, religiosity, homosexuality, depression, suicide. The only thing I had going for me was that I believed. If you let Him, He will turn your life around. It won’t happen overnight, nor will he ‘cure’ you; but you will seek the courage to pick up your cross and live your life for him. All my prayers are for you!

      • manlambda

        Have you seen a psychiatrist because this is one of the craziest things I have ever read? Dude get some help.

        • I don’t need psychiatric help, because these things happned. It is crazy. I acknowledge that. The odds of this happening can not be calculated. It is a God thing.