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  • repwom

    Please pray for my prodigal son living the lifestyle of gay man. He is 23 and chose to estrange himself from us and his younger siblings three yea ago. He has walked away from his faith and embrassed this lifestyle and the world doesn’t seem to be stopping him. I miss him. I love him and the pain is real and dark. As a mother it feels like death. Please pray for a honest and true Christian will come into his path and lead him back to Jesus. I pray for him to be surrounded with Christian influence and Godly friends . Thank you for your prayers.

    • Tery Jaye Yazze

      how is your relationship your son today?

      • repwom

        No change. He refuses to return any calls, emails, or letters. His mother passed away. He didn’t even come to show his respect to his family, especially his brother and sister. Thank you for asking. The politically correct world has influenced him to narcissism. In his eyes, no one is right but him. His mothers last plead was his name…. Kills me every time I think of it.

        • Bradley Joel Morton

          Early in my walk with Christ, and dealing with being a homosexual myself, I joined a church across the street from where I lived. I tithed regularly and had led two people to Christ. I was on fire. But I had been poisoned with the lie that if I got saved I would no longer be gay. I still was. Had I done something wrong? Then there was a guest speaker at the church who delivered the usual sermon of fire and brimstone and the declaration that all gays would go to hell. This should have been no big deal, but then the whole congregation gave a hefty ‘amen’ and ‘praise Jesus’. Was this how they really felt?

          I quit going without a word. I think the worst thing was that no one came after me, to see how I was and why I had quit going. I felt alone, abandoned by God. I became bitter and angry towards people of faith, and delved into the living hell that was the gay lifestyle. I won’t go into all the details, but as Paul said that he was the chief amongst sinners, I was pretty close.

          I saw much disease, faced the prospect of HIV (I am negative), saw people die and very nearly became a prostitute. I ended all this but I was still too bitter and angry to come back to God – so He came to me through a massive stroke that wiped all of my memory to the point that I only knew my name. My Father had come for me. He directly intervened on my behalf and brought me home. My mind was emptied so I could be filled again with knowledge of Him. It was only after that He restored the memories that I had lived a gay lifestyle and the gravity of what He had done through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

          The story of the prodigal son is a beautiful picture of God welcoming the lost sinner, not a parenting tip. Your son is not gone. You need to bring him home. Don’t try to ‘cure’ him. You can’t. But it doesn’t mean you have to approve of his choices either. Occasionally I wonder what would have happened if someone from that church had come for me.

          • repwom

            Thank you for you heart felt story and comment. Time has passed and still with a heavy heart I never gave up trying to reach him. But the day after Mother’s Day he finally replied to an email. He apologized so much I could almost hear the tears in voice as it was written. He told me how far away he had moved from home and how much he wanted to come home.
            He went through depression, his partner left him, his job was in turmoil, and no friends. He said , though he had regrets, he realized he can’t look back. God is taking him forward. Yes he said God. He said he was making positive changes. He said he was trying to move home. I offered to come to him with help but he said he got himself there and he will get back on his own. I never asked what he meant by positive changes, I just praised God for opening this door. A month passed and he contacted me again and said he landed a job in his home state and would be packing up what he could and leaving behind what he couldn’t, and making a 20 hour drive back. Once again I offered and pleaded to let me help but he declined. I and his siblings finally met with him. It was the longest hug and embrace I’ve ever received from him. Everything he’s done is on his own with Gods help. He hasn’t asked me for anything but prayers. I have contact with him now through phone, test and email but haven’t seen him but once. I still do not know if he is acting out in his life’s style but I’m praying that God will continue to transform my son to the man he wants him to be. Our next meeting is soon. I can’t wait! Please pray for us all. God is good and this family is a testimony to his glory!

          • Bradley Joel Morton

            NEVER give up on your son! God has answered my prayers for you, praise be to His name! We aren’t perfect people. If we were, we wouldn’t be in need of a savior. We are all fallen and we all make mistakes (mine were very horrendous), but we can be redeemed. You are in my prayers!

          • Kaweesa Peter Mulondo

            Bradley, how do you do it?
            am single guy here in uganda, same sex attracted, all of attempts to have a gal friend are hitting the rocks, i cant seem to have the urge to pursue a heterosexual relationship.

          • I can not do it on my own. It is the Lord who sustains me. I walked away from the gay lifestyle nearly twelve years ago. It wasn’t easy (it still isn’t, as there are gay people who are shocked and horrified that I would not only abandon the lifestyle but decry it; there are also many Christians who can not accept that someone who is same sex attracted, but not living the life, can serve the Lord (the whole ‘pray the gay away’ crowd)).
            It is the Lord who sustains me. I put my trust in Him and all of my needs. I have accepted that I will likely always be same sex attracted until the Father calls me home. I pray diligently that I will not fall prey to indulging in the life (and I have come close many times). But knowledge that I am being tempted and bringing those temptations before the Father keeps me from indulging.
            I will keep you in my prayers!

        • Accept him for who he is — a gay man — and he will reenter your life. I will spare you the religious dissertation. Just know that you son still loves you.

    • Lisa

      I will pray. I have the same situation and although I know he knows the truth, he still continues to ignore the Holy Spirit’s prodding/wooing. I prayed for God to do whatever He needs to do to bring him to his knees, and this past week he is in a pit. I pray God will use this to make him look up. Keep the faith, keep praying and don’t give up! God is almighty! God is still on the throne and still in control and He loves you and your family. And He loves your son. God bless you in this journey.

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  • Ernest Zenone

    Please pray for comfort as we lost a son to suicide when he was 16 in 1981. It always hurts despite the years. And even well meaning Christians say hurtful things, so, I just keep it to myself and our Lord. He killed himself on our wedding anniversary. So, this is a time of great sorrow and I can’t even say much to anyone. It’s like ‘you’ll get over this’ mentality from well meaning friends.

    • Bradley Joel Morton

      I lost my best friend in the fall of 1984 due to suicide. It lead to seven years of depression and I very nearly took my own life as I was also dealing with the prospect of being a homosexual. My stepmother (who was my only source of religion at that time) said that all people who commit suicide go straight to hell (apparently she wasn’t familiar with Matthew 22:23-32; Mark 12:19-27; Luke 20:27-38.) (God is not the god of the dead, but of the living). I feel your pain and agony, as my friend’s death still haunts me to this day. I wish I had some kind of advice or comfort to give you but I can’t. But know that God is in control, even with our pain. He is the God of the living (this is still hard for me to fathom). He can bring you comfort as He brought me. My prayers are with you!

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  • Anyone reading this, please pray for Jacob Franco. He is fourteen and dealing with same sex attraction. He has become suicidal.

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