My friends describe me as boring, adventurous, sensitive, strong-minded, reasonable, stubborn, introverted, and outgoing. I think they are having just as hard of a time figuring me out as I am.

Jesus is my life’s obsession.

Reading the Bible is pretty much my only hobby (see? boring).

I love reading and listening to people who know more about the Bible than me.

I like to workout.

I like to eat even more.


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  • I so wish I could write like you. Praise God who has blessed you and chosen you in Christ Jesus to do what He desired of you. 🙂

  • Hi Matt! 10 people in your church is enough as long as they’re the right 10 people, imho. Hope you’re finding all of the love, support, encouragement and the occasional butt-kicking we all need in your walk with these 10 folks. Hope to see and meet you at the Hope for Wholeness Conference in NC in early June. Blessings to you in Jesus,

    Daniel Mingo
    Abba’s Delight

  • Yo, Matt-man!!

    A HFW fb friend told me about you and I just read your “About” info — LOVE IT!!!

    As I’m able, I’ll read more of your blogs, but until then…

    Please know that there’s one more Sister praying for you!!

    PAPA’S Blessings on you and all of yours, Bro-man!! Keep rockin’ on The ROCK!!!

    In HIS Great Love!


  • I’m not gay, and I don’t believe in god.
    But IF there was a god, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be selfish.
    I’m sure he would want you to be happy, doing what makes you happy, as long as you are kind and respectful of others needs…
    everyone tell you this and that means this and that (from the bible)
    But throughout the years these meaning have changed, think of the spanish inquisitions, and the Crusades, there were concentration camp, RUN BY CHRISTIANS during world war 2!
    They will tell you Jesus said turn the other cheek, then sign something to send 100,000 teenagers to war, carry signs saying god hates fags. People destroy religion for their own needs, wants, and desires, just like everything else.
    Get what YOU want out of your life, just respect other people.

    • Mike Sheeran

      Jason, God is by no means selfish. What God wants from us is not a “religious” experience but a relationship. He loves you. He loves you enough to leave His throne in Heaven, come to earth, and die for your inability (as well as mine) to measure up to His perfect standards.

      Religion is merely man’s attempt to reach God. Religion will publish a whole bunch of rules, regulations, thou shalt not’s, etc. to tell us how to reach God.

      But reaching God on our own is impossible. There is a chasm of sin in the way.

      That’s why His Son, Jesus Christ, left heaven and came to earth. He died for your inability (and mine) to measure up to His perfect standards. And He came back from the dead to assure us that all our sins have been paid for.

      Jesus has so much to teach you. He is still teaching me. He hasn’t given up on me, and He will never give up on you, as long as you diligently seek Him. He wants a relationship with you. He’s reached out to you. And He wants you to reach back. God bless you, my friend.

  • Hi. I’m new to your blog. It’s nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to your posts and pray you’ll find some encouragement from my blog as well. God bless.

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

  • Trina

    What a blessing to know there are Christ followers who do not condone the gay lifestyle but who also do not hate!! While I am not gay, I have lived a sinful lifestyle and it was MY choice to do so although I knew something wasn’t ‘right.’ When I submitted to Christ – my life changed. Like you have stated, it isn’t always easy but I know I am walking in His will. I pray you continue to surround yourself with caring Christ followers who encourage you to walk with Him. God bless your ministry. IT IS SO NEEDED!

  • Thank you so very much for who you are, and your honesty, how the world need more like you…I will certainly pray for you and your ministry.

    In Christ,
    Kathy Manie.

  • Mike Sheeran

    God is by no means being selfish when He forbids certain things that we enjoy, because He knows that ultimately, these things will hurt us. And He wants to protect us from them.

    True happiness comes in following Jesus and learning from Him day after day. When the New Testament speaks of transformation, the Greek word used is the same as the root for our English word, metamorphous, or the process in which a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly. It doesn’t happen overnight.

    My friend, I am by no means perfect. I’ve made mistakes in my life. Jesus took me as I am, but He loves me too much to leave me there.

    I pray for a heart like His, to love Him more and more. He was willing to leave His throne in heaven and come to earth and die for me. I could never top that.

    I don’t know where you live, but try to find a good Bible based church, not just one that says it is, make a few friends, and begin learning from Jesus. He has much to teach you. And I am still learning from Him myself.

    God bless you.

  • Ononofile Tlaang

    Hi Matt, I am a 20year old university student from Botswana(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Botswana) I came across your testimony on the Christian Post a few days ago and it really inspired me because I’m also struggling with homosexuality and the way in which you have handled this issue is very moving and I thank God I came across your testimony. All I can say is I truly am born again and I believe and agree completely with what the bible says about homosexuality. But truly I have decided to go with Jesus and his path and plan for my life because its so much better even though the struggle has and continues to be hard, but I have found such a great hope and love in Christ that I’m willing by his grace to follow him all the way to eternity.I know and believe that I will find healing and restoration in Him because I know hwe made no istake creating me and even touching my heart to save me….therefore I hope and wait upon him.May god bless you..

  • sonja m

    Bro Matt may GOD bless you for your profound response to Rob Bell’s comment! The true church of our most high God surely is NOT on the verge of excepting anything that is not mandated in His word! I celebrate what He has done in your life, what a testament to His power! Continue my brother and may God bless every endeavor in your life there in New Orleans!

  • Tatsiana

    Thank you for your writing. As a child I whitnessed incredible things made by a God: like healing of my aunt from 4th stage of brain cancer and lots of incredible things. My cousins’ grandpa experienced clinical death and came back shaken. He said he was taken to hell and he saw devil laughing and saying that people are a stupid flock and they are so easy to manipulate by feeding their pride and by giving them false beliefs. And he saw people suffering tremendously there. And there was no reason for us to not believe his words: he described what was going on hundred of miles from him when he wasn’t breathing. He even told us what clothes people were wearing and what they were saying while he was looking at them “from the other side”. I didn’t know what to think about the gay/Christian topic until I had my kids. If God loves us to the point of giving His ownSon for death there might be nothing impossible for Hi m to do. I saw people with chronic alcoholism getting freedom from this awful illness right after they accept God in their hearts. I thank you for telling people about an amazing freedom that God gives us if we surrender and give up the sin. Devil may rule this world and does discusting things to people like wars etc but he can’t do anything to those who have Christ in their hearts…

  • Nate_mcclintock@yahoo.com

    It’s too bad that you have chosen this path. Why not just be honest with yourself and live your life as the gay man that you are? You cant just wake up one day and decide, “Hey, I’m gonna be straight!” It just doesn’t work that way! I’ve chosen to be honest with myself and everyone around me. I was born a gay man (naturally) and i continue to live my life as a Christian man, who happens to be gay. You’re not being honest with yourself or your wife. Good luck to you.

    • Liberty&Justice4Few

      You, Nate, have chosen a path of denial, condescension and presumption. May the Holy Spirit lead someone to you who can help you see that. “Let God be true, and every man a liar” is just as true today as when it was penned about two millennia ago. Anytime we argue with the Lord God, we wind up looking foolish, at best. There is peace, safety and great usefulness to all who come humbly to Christ, without a scintilla of self-justification. Sexual acting out takes many forms, and all are destructive and counterproductive. Becoming emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy takes time and prayer (others as well as our own). I salute you, Matt, on your brave and Christ-centered pilgrimage to the real, eternal Holy Land, and I pray the Lord’s continued guidance, perseverance and grace on any and all of our fellow sojourners.

  • Matt, learned about you from the Huff Post article about Rob Bell. Thank you so much for speaking out in genuine and sincere love for the gay community while at the same time affirming the timeless truths of scripture. Neither I, nor any Christian I associate with have anything against homosexuals personally, but we are obviously compelled by the Word of God to take certain positions regarding same-sex marriage, etc. I am convinced that your unique perspective is vital in the days in which we live. Thank you for standing for truth, even when it is not popular. I can see Princess Leah being projected from R2D2 right now saying, “help us, Matt Moore. You are our only hope (or something like that).” I would also like to give you some encouragement about the whole small church thing, however I think it not necessary as I doubt you will be small for very long. 🙂

  • Brandon Burrell

    Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ, my brother. You are in my prayers.

    • ron

      And you are in “my” prayers that you will come to accept gay people also as God’s children

  • Just came across your blog in the Christianity section of Flipboard. Your current question about whether you can be a Christian and homosexual intrigued me. My son is gay…I am a Christian mom. . I love my son. Period. He struggles with the attitudes of Christians toward homosexual behavior…thus he sees nothing in Chrstianity for him. I pray for him. And I trust Jesus to do the work He has begun in my son. Your blog will help me have answers when I need them. Thank you for being out there. d

    • Paul

      I would also read “Torn” by Justin Lee and “God and the Gay Christian” by Matthew Vines. They will help tremendously in dealing with your gay son.

    • Bradley Joel Morton

      Hi Dale. Hope you are doing well. I am same sex attracted man, but I am celibate to my feelings. When I came to God and was saved, I was dealing with depression from the prospect of being gay and dealing with the suicide of my best friend. I had also been poisoned with the idea that all gays go to hell (no one had mentioned the saving grace of Jesus Christ) and I wasted twenty years of my life how God could love me and that I was the only one dealing with this issue. Please don’t try to ‘cure’ him. He isn’t sick. Only God can ‘cure’ him. It is very likely this is something he will have to deal with the rest of his life as I will until God calls me Home. He is going to stumble and fall (as I have, big time) and he will need someone to be there to love and support him when he does. This does not mean to give in to his sexual desires. It means to pray with him and for him and be the light to show the way, without judgment, for we are ALL fallen sinners, and we ALL need the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

      • Jason Brand

        So why should straight people get to sinlessly indulge in their sexual desires, but homosexual people never can? How is that Christian? I’m extremely sad for people who believe they have to abstain from happiness because of ancient, outdated ways of thinking.

        • Hi Jason! The thing is that I did go into the gay life, and I left because I saw many horrible things. I saw several people I knew die due to disease and suicide; I went to the funeral of a friend last year who committed suicide last year. I was offered money for sex and I was sexually assaulted. I saw many men go to jail because they committed criminal acts to support addictions to substances. My own exboyfriend had a drug addiction. I became celibate as a matter of choice, and originally it was out of self preservation rather than some silly religious dogma. I loved a guy named David Wells, and we never had sex. He took his own life when I was fourteen. Many of the reasons why I went into the gay lifestyle was that I was missing his friendship and was seeking that lost friendship through sex with other men.

          There is no love in gay sex. I was with several men in supposed committed relationships with other men. When two men are together it is about dominance and submissiveness. One always gets physical pleasure while the other receives a lot of pain, but thinks he has to because he is attracted to the same sex.

          God doesn’t require us to not love each other. In fact he encourages it. The greatest example is that King David loved Jonathan, a love that the Bible describes as “greater than a love for women”. He however did not have sex with him. If a man truly loves another man (as I did) he will never have sex with him.


          • Jason Brand

            I appreciate your point of view, and I completely accept your choices. I truly hope that you are as happy as you can be living your life the way you have chosen to.

            However, I don’t believe that this is how the majority of people feel. I believe that sex between members of the same sex can be just as loving as sex between men and women. There is dominance and submissiveness in sex between men and women as well. Women can be in pain from sex too, but it can still be a loving act. Men and women can have recreational sex just like members of the same sex, but that doesn’t mean one act is more inherently evil than the other. I also can’t imagine that half of the gay men in the world are in unavoidable pain and don’t enjoy sex with other men every single time they do it.

          • Dnj123

            Jason, I don’t see where heterosexual people get to sinlessly indulge in their sexual desires but gay people can’t. Any sex that is outside the marital act that also actively seeks to prohibit the creation of a new life is sinful. By that definition, gay sex just doesn’t exist. Outside of that definition, sex becomes the pursuit of self pleasure, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Regarding heterosexual recreational sex, we can know whether it’s good or bad based on it’s fruits. Heterosexual recreational sex brings with it abortion, single motherhood, abandonment, disease etc. These are bad fruits.

            You should really read this article on the homosexual lifestyle as it echoes much of what Bradley says: http://josephsciambra.com/surviving-gaybarely/

            This website is a Catholic ministry that helps homosexual people live their lives chastly in Christ: https://couragerc.org

            The personal stories are especially interesting and also echo much of what Bradley said.

  • So glad to see your blog . Thank you as a Christian mom of a gay son.

  • Emoog


    Through the dense fog of internet obscurity, you have found a way to be honest and insightful. I truly am encouraged by your writing and hope that you continue learning and seeking God’s truth through the word and relaying it in this fashion. I am not gay, but I can relate to some of the issues that you have gone through in many ways, and I look forward to hearing about your journey through this broken world.

    Much love

  • Matt,

    You’re an inspired writer whose life path is virtually the same as mine. Check out my Web site.
    I tend to approach sensitive issues on same-sex attratcion with a little more grace than you do, but the truth is always there.
    One of my central issues is the distinction between homosexuality as a condition as apposed to homosexual behavior which is an action. This difference is extremely important to recognize. Nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality condemned; only homosexual behavior is condemned. Nowhere in the Bible is heterosexuality condemned; only heterosexual behavior outside of biblical marriage is condemned.
    We need to be very careful about our language. Too often, people speak disparagingly of homosexuality when they really mean homosexual behavior.

  • Eileen Brigantino

    Thank you Matt. I pray for you often. My 27 year old daughter decided to come out about 2 years ago. Raised in the church, singing in the church, dating men and never ever a hint to anyone that she had these feelings. I know God has a plan for her life that includes a husband and children. I told her this and she knows I love her unconditionally but it’s been difficult. Thank you for your wise, encouraging words and posts. I listen and read intently because i want to do right by my daughter and the others in my family who are gay.

  • Lindsey Brackett

    I’ve met Jessica Kirkland! She’s getting a submission from me in about a month. Thanks for blogging about this hard topic of the church and sexuality. We have many gay friends and I love them too much to spout the hate I’ve seen everywhere else in the past week.

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  • Paprika

    I appreciate the unique voice and life
    story you bring to the table of Christians. We need more like you, and I know it’s hard to be open in difficult situations – even more when many who should help or understand do not. Thank you and please keep writing and sharing. I’m battling never having children and not being bitter/severely depressed over that. Some “Christians” say my not having them is my own fault somehow or makes me less. I can’t help how God made my body and that he chooses not to bless us with kids. I can guard my heart and soul from anger, self-pity and bitterness and keep my eyes on Christ – just as I see you doing in your situation. We all have our crosses…

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  • Darrell Waters

    Bro. Matt, could you briefly tell us how you got into a homosexual lifestyle? You talk about God’s discipline of His children and you used the illustration as the Bible does, of a genuinely loving parent/parents disciplining their children out of that love. Well, I’m not in a so-called gay relationshiop, but my ssa’s aren’t because of my parents being bad. I’ve got good loving parents. I say that because I’ve heard and read that some, or maybe many men get into an outright gay lifestyyle because they didn’t have a good dad, if they had one at all. I do believe that can and does happen.

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  • Allison

    Ha, you might get along well with the health blogger Matt Stone who tells people to basically eat anything they want to get their metabolism up 🙂 Thanks for writing this blog, it’s cool to hear what you have to say. I just read one of your blog posts for the first time today, and read the one about discovering what true masculinity is. Good stuff!

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  • jc

    Glad I found you. Wisdom and compassion are in short supply these days.

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  • Dr Stan DeKoven

    I will be speaking in New Orleans with Dr. David Rodriquez of the Thereupon Institute…would love to know how to put you together with other ministries in the area. Blessings.

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  • revjohn sobiech

    Dear Matt . God bless you on your ministry! A lot of x gay ministries have folded. And Celebrate Recovery has stepped into postion for FREE Christian ministry for those who are recovering in Christ from gay sex sin!! I encourage anyone who struggles with gaysexsin to check out their local Celebrate Recovery in their own town. Some people have been healed for ssa mos are not but most are HEALED in the process of repentance and sanctification in from willfull chronic backsliding !! In Christ Jesus. I encourage all who struggle with gaysex sin to get the Celebrate Recovery Bible and Life Recovery Bibles and Touchpoints for Recovery!! God bless you matt and you all!! -john

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  • Paul Moore

    i am very glad to have found your blog matt, it has been a great blessing to me as it has ministered to me, God is def speaking thru you, may God bless your work.

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  • Don Pierre

    I wish that this story could be blasted in the media. People have believed the lies for so long. Paul said that the gospel is,”The power of salvation to everyone that believes…” Is there any way to get the message out into the major media? If there is, contact me. That would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bill Fuse

    I teach weekly in a local county jail
    Biblical principles pertaining to life’s walk. About half of my class is there for sexual issues. With most of them being previous regular
    church goers. Each week I impress on them that the God who created us and knows us, wants our Heart to be towards Him. It’s always about the Heart. Not our desires. WE as a church should be like a hospital, in the good and bad days of life’s walk. But sadly we aren’t. Thx Matt for articulating clearly what my men say to me about sexual desire choices. Its a heart condition, no matter the sin.

  • disqus

    I prayed for a gay family member who is not Christian. The response I felt from the Lord: “Have empathy. There’s always hope in Christ.”

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