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I Love Jesus Too Much To Call Myself A Gay Christian

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There’s a new kind of Gay Christian. Most of us are aware of the Justin Lees and the Matthew Vines, but, unlike those guys and like myself, these new Gay Christians hold fast to the truth of Scripture regarding the sinfulness of homosexual behavior. They aren't out there practicing homosexual behavior. They aren't engaging in dating relationships with people of the same gender or seeking to do so. Celibacy is the path that they have chosen in light of their current sexual inclinations and their simultaneous, and stronger, desire to submit themselves to the Lordship of Christ. These people are most definitely my brothers and…

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The Vatican, Gays, and Church Membership

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The news coming from the Vatican concerning issues surrounding homosexuality and gay marriage has been flooding all of my news feeds this morning. I'm sure it's been all over yours as well. The Catholic Church, at this point, hasn't shifted in their theology or sexual ethic, but it seems as if there is a great desire among their leaders to shift in their approach toward the gay community. Part of me thinks, “Fantastic! Christians need to love and engage all walks and types of sinners, for the sake of the gospel.” But then another part of me thinks, “Uh oh.” My uneasiness…

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A Different Kind Of “Coming Out”

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I came busting out of the closet in 2009 in a desperate attempt to finally find some peace in my life. Some happiness. Some joy. Some freedom. But as most of you already know, the “freedom” that my coming out and adopting a gay identity bought me was a freedom that only brought me into more bondage. But, even so, I would do it all over again. Coming out, that is. I really do believe that finally letting the people around me glimpse into the secret parts of my life was a necessary step in my God-led journey toward the hope…

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Feeling unloved or unable to love? Keep looking at Jesus.

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I’m not going to go into the details of any situations or relationships in this blog, but I endured a pretty ridiculous amount of repetitive rejection in the earliest years of my life. Rejection that left dense scar tissue around my emotional capacities to love or feel loved. And I know I’m not an anomaly in this. Many, many people are short-changed in their introductions into this world. Many, many people experience tragically broken childhoods. I am just one of a multitude. As I trudged on from childhood into my teens and twenties, I never felt valued, wanted or enjoyed…

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The Killer of Faith

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I think the most unsettling thing I’ve ever experienced is seeing someone that I thought knew Christ, walk away from Him. Even though I’ve only been a Christian for a relatively short time (4 years), I’ve already seen this happen a few times. It’s heart breaking on so many levels. And frightening. It creates dread in my own heart regarding my own salvation. I was nearly as sure of their faith in Christ as I am in my own faith in Christ, and here they are now. Faithless. Godless. Hopeless. A lot of these people I know openly talk about…

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Barely Believing: When Embracing The Bible Is Hard

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I know that we deep thinkers (as we like to think of ourselves, anyway) tend to look at easy believing, "blind-faith" type people and call them ignorant or whatever, but honestly, part of me really envies them. I don’t mean the people that have never read the Bible and call themselves Christian simply because they’re American and they think that the two go hand in hand (they don’t). But I mean the people who actually know the Word of God and have an unwaveringly steady and unshakeable confidence in it. If I can be totally honest here (which is always…

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Born Gay? Maybe. Born Corrupt? Definitely.

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Today's mainstream culture assumes that people attracted to the same sex are born that way because the same sex attraction is something that comes naturally to them. They didn't choose it, they didn't will it, they didn't ask for it. It has just always been there. And that's been my personal experience as a same sex attracted person.This way of thinking isn't derived from facts based on anything biological or scientific, though; it’s a theory rooted in logic. The logic goes something like this: “As long as I can remember I’ve felt this way, and I never made a conscious…

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A Few Thoughts For All My Fellow Christians Who “Ain’t About That Church Life” (yet)

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As I've tried to proclaim the life that is in Jesus through my writing over the past few years, I've emphasized the doctrinal essentials: our inherent sinfulness, God's response in the Person and work of Jesus and our need to bank everything on Him for salvation. But after writing my article last week on my experiences in the Church as compared to my experiences in the gay community, and subsequently reflecting on the goodness that I've experienced in the midst of God's people, I've felt that I have neglected to communicate that God's design for the walking out of our…

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The Joy-Robbing Cheapness of Victoria Osteen-ish Christianity

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Alright, so there was a time earlier on in my Christian life where I was quite the zealous little theology cop. I would blast Joel Osteen and the likes of him with their biblically deficient statements about God on my blog, twitter, Facebook -- any outlet I could find. I thought it was my job to stand firm and "defend God's truth!", calling out every bit of erroneous teaching I came across. I'm not that person anymore. Don't get me wrong, I definitely think that there is a place for exposing false teaching (and to be clear, I think that…

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